Friday, January 1, 2010

This is Your Brain on.....

Ah! Cream of wheat. Gentle on the stomach, yet creamy, warm and nutrtious. I'm thankful for cream of wheat, while other things come across as intrusive, like smells. I just walked past the bathroom where a candle was lit and it about simultaneously set fire to my nostrils and stomach. YUK! It seems my sense of smell and taste are not in good communication with my brain lately. I get these angry hunger pangs set to mixed reactions. So many foods turn me off and yet I hunger. As I say this, I turn down the other half of my cream of wheat and settle for a few swigs of water. However, I swear there is a new craving center in my brain that pulses images of mouth watering meat into my brain. Right now, it's projecting a griddle of robust sausage links prepared by Martha Stewart. And in my future, I see a Chick-fil-A breast of fried chicken tucked into a soft bun. And while this is going on in my brain, I feel sick. Unlike last week, I'm beginning to feel under the weather with conflicting reactions to my five favorite friends, my senses.

Besides my confusing relationship with food right now, irritable, fatigued and bloated sums up the rest. That sounds about right.

3 more days until the first ultrasound!!

Oh, this picture depicts the ushering in of the New Year for all my PA Dutch roots back home- Pork and Krout.

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