Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hormone Havoc

Like I said, nothing new and interesting to report except for my lust for food. Oh, and that I almost quit my job yesterday. Do pregnancy hormones make you want to chop everybody's head off? Some woman say they get weepy, but I'm getting bitchy! And when you work with a bunch of loud, obnoxious nurses crammed into a large cell, you begin to feel very ugly inside. Why is it that women in the work setting think the world cares about every detail of their personal life? I DON'T!!! Trust the ones you love, not the ones gossiping about you! And have you ever known somebody who treats you like you have an extra head attatched to your shoulders? That's my boss. She hates me, or so I'm convinced. A boss should not use any opportunity to make you feel 2 feet tall.

I tried staying in my own bubble yesterday, but it turns out I didn't play nice with the other kids. So that ruins that. "Fake it till you feel it," or "Kill them with kindness." Maybe. Or take a pitch fork into work and yell, "Stay away!!!" at the top of your lungs. I'm crazy- hahahahhaha!

So, I'm off to statisfy my 3am craving for an egg sandwich for breakfast and then head to work for a light load and afterwards, a New Years Eve poker party with the people I really care about, my friends!

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