Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A sigh of RELIEF

A brief moment to blog here while Boston is extending his nap now past his usual 2 hour feeding mark. Yippeee!
As I was cleaning up this morning, I noticed some curious characteristics about our home now...A burp cloth on every armrest, a pacifer on each counter and coffee top corner, baby blankets strewn throughout the apartment, and a nursery picked apart from the midnight-2am-and 4am feedings. But you know what makes it all so enduring? The feeling I get from bathing my cooing baby this morning with yummy smelling baby soap and gently working the lotion into his puggy little legs and arms; Brushing his soft head of fuzz while he looks up at me with pursed lips and deep blue eyes. And now, I finally reap the rewards of two long days of consoling work as he melts into a deep sleep, wrapped in his warm fuzzy nightgown. Oh, I could write baby poetry forever!
I am also sitting here, clean as a whistle. I took the time and consideration to put perfume on this morning after my shower. Normally I think, 'What's the use?' But the use is is that it grounds me again to the beautiful, alluring woman that I am yet so often don't feel as I'm slimed with spitup and bra-stains of leaky milk.
Uh-oh...The clock strikes 12...Boston is crying, duty calls.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mommy's Best Friend

We are three and a half weeks in now and yet it feels like 3 months, simply because of the amount of learning jammed into those 3 weeks.
Breastfeeding and learning to pump a bottle has been our biggest challenge this week. Introducing the pump is like introducing a third party to your body. Amazing how a woman's body and her child intertwine in such a relationship while breastfeeding. There's a rhythm being formed there I wasn't aware of until now. What it really comes down to is taking everything in small, itty-bitty, tiny-weeny doses with your newborn. It was great having Jason feed Boston his first bottle of mama's milk, but I'm pretty sure I need to let things get in sync more before taking that next big step. I saw it affect my milk supply and not being able to satisfy my baby was a big let down (no pun intended).
There are so many things I want to write about, changes and new experiences I find in being a mom everyday. Like today, I was giving loud, silly kisses to Boston's face- lips, cheeks, eyes, ears, most of which was covered in spit up. I thought to myself, 'Only a mom would kiss the barf off her child's face!' I'm SO happy to finallly be a mom!