Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let's get this party started!

It's been a quiet weekend. Waiting for this ultrasound has me wondering, "Am I really pregnant?" Some days my symptoms are obvious and other days not so obvious. But what doesn't seem to go away is this penny-sucking metal flavor in my mouth. I read it's the taste buds changing from hormones, of course.

To be quite honest, I'm bored and ready to talk to my doctor already! Let's get this show on the road! Is it's heart beating? How big is it? How far along am I? Do we have a due date? Does everything look alright in there??? I'm pregnant, right?!

A light workout during the day makes a big difference. Followed by a bubble bath is the ticket to a great afternoon nap! I'm going to the grocery store today for the first time since learning I am pregnant. I'm familiar with only one thing that sounds good anytime of the day- crackers and peanut butter. I think I'll try Ritz over the graham this time. Besides that, I'm stewing over recipes for beef. Red meat is probably the number one thing I need right now after a year of vegetarianism.

Also on the list- a prenatal vitamin.

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