Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Good News

Like any pivitol moment in our lives, it's so helpful to document the unfolding of things as they happen. At least this is how I feel. Reflection allows me to take hold of what's going on, especially something as ground breaking as your first pregnancy!

And so this is how it all started:

Progesterone level drawn post ovulation, day 22 of course. I was desparately hoping my body was on track with Dr. Wager's orders. Fortunately, it wasn't. Progesterone level too low.

A week later...

Dec 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th
...My body was attempting to ovulate again. And that is when I am most confident it happened. It's almost like I had a peace about this time, like I was throwing up my last stitch effort and asking God for a miracle this time.

At the doc's office for a routine checkup. 7 days late on my period so she asked me to do a prego test. Negative. I cried the whole way home and went into my little shell.

It's day 42, cramps, still no aunt flow. Each day I have a handfull of pads, advil and the essentials in my purse all ready to go but to no avail. I call my OB cause now I'm concerned about the cramps and no period. "Is something wrong?" I get a blood test immediately to check once more for pregnancy with a contingency ready to go. She calls me back and immediately I detect the inflection in her voice. "Sue, well..." I was prepared for the worst so my reaction after she told me it was positive was, "So that's a good thing, right?" Duh!! I call Jason right away.

That's today. So far I can tell you my symptoms are mild but obvious. The "girls" are fuller and yes, a little sore. Sleeping sucks- my back hurts and I still get waves of period-like cramps, and if my stomach is empty, I get queezy and have to grab a cracker. I get a metal taste in my mouth occasionally. I actually bought lifesavers for this, but can't get lemon drops off my mind. My relationship with food is kind of a peculiar thing right now- it just doesn't sound good. Except for a recent 24 hr fixation with a burger and cold glass of chocolate milk! Emotional? Yeah! Moodiness is one thing, but the overwhelming need to cry is another. So far, my triggers are thoughts or visuals of babies. Sounds about right, but before being pregnant, babies were of no particular interest of mine.

I pray alot. Especially when I wake up in the middle of the night from discomfort, I just pray for the little "spec" and ask God to make him stick.

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  1. Sue, this is wonderful. Can't wait to read more in your journey with the Little One. Please let me know if you post a new one!! Love and joy to you and Jasaon and tiny bambino.