Sunday, January 3, 2010


"That which precedes vomiting."

Luckily, not so. But each day I feel closer to it. Morning sickness about says it. Morning because your stomach is most likely to be empty and for me, that is the trigger. Most of the time, the thought of food is disgusting, but as soon as my tummy is full, I feel fine. Except that is when the indigestion kicks in. Your brain, neck, chest and stomach feel like one unit and when you are full, all parts feel full. Lesson? Don't each too much at a time!

Grape nuts are my friends today and for the last three days. Crunchy, not too creamy or sweet. Just nutty-filling goodness. Cream of wheat is off my list for now.

Breasts are feeling like pint-size milk jugs. For sure, they are filling up to do mother natures business!

My mouth is so finicky. Any flavor in my mouth makes me feel sick. Toothpaste, the last meal, a lozenge- it all tasts bitter.

Tired. What else is new. But I have a plan for that. Yoga class. Yes, I've already mentioned that, but I'm really amped up for it. I love yoga! It helped me through a real rough patch this year while trying to conceive. I'm so ready to get back to it!

Ultrasound tomorrow!! I feel confident and peaceful about it. But I prayed and prayed in advance to help get me to that state of heart and mind. I'm so ready for this!

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