Saturday, January 9, 2010

Belly Bliss Yoga

Today, I got off my toosh and moved around in a yoga class for pregnant women. It was great!! There were several elements that lit me up. First, movement felt sooooo good. Down dog, pigeon, warrior (the bane of my life), happy baby,....These are all poses I missed so badly in the 6 months I rolled up my yoga mat for a hiatus. Stretching back into them created such good space in my joints and in my outlook on the day.
Second, being with other pregnant women on different parts of their journey was uplifting of me. Of course, I was a little self conscious as I looked around and saw all these cute bellies sticking out. As we convened in our circle to get started, I was the "youngest" one in the crowd with no belly yet. The next furthest along was 9 weeks but I was a mere 7 and a half weeks. Of course, none of that mattered as we mellowed down into child's pose.
The class moved along at a nice, slow pace but still challenging enough as I settled into each pose again for what seemed to be a long while ago. It wasn't a cardio workout by no means, nor did I want it to be. Just an easing back into some good stretching and breathing techniques.
After class, I met a really nice girl having fraternal twins. She was so sweet and luckily, I think I made a friend. After all, for me, this is a chance to get to know other moms-to-be and hopefully an added source of support and community.
I'm really looking forward to more yoga class and making positive connections. Getting out of the house was extremely motivating, but of course, exhausting! I knew the baby would be sapping the remainder of my energy for the day, and it did! After a healthy snack and hot shower, I hit the couch for a nice long nap, and unfortunately some more waves of nausea :(

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