Monday, March 8, 2010

Slowing Down

It just isn't easy to do! Any nurse would know this. In my profession, we're used to thinking fast on our feet and scurrying around like a squirrel to get things done. Nurses hussle! So for one, slowing down at work takes alot of conscious effort. I have to remind myself to stay paced, especially when the day is looking long, like 12hours long. Pregnancy is full of surprises. I knew there would be physical demands, but I never knew just how hard it would be to make this baby! I get tired just standing upright! I get tired sitting here typing. And if I'm not thinking about laying down, I'm thinking about food. I feel like a human generator, making and kicking out loads of energy on a continuous basis. I checked in with with cardiologist per my OB's request just to be sure my heart was handling the demands okay. Yeah, it seems so. I'll be walking around with a Holter monitor in a week to take pictures of my heart ryhthm and getting an ultrasound of my heart, too. But doing so is nothing to worry about, just a way of completing the workup. The cardiologist was really nice and I left the office feeling reassured that everything was fine. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to cutting back my hours at work the end of this month so I can last longer there and keep comfortable while doing it.

It seems our little baby has a cousin on the way too! My sister Laura just got her ultrasound today and he looks like a little gummy bear. Awesome! I just I were geographically closer to her so we could go through our pregnancies together.

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