Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthing Class

Yesterday's Lamaze/Birthing class went really well. Jason and I learned alot, although some of the info I've been absorbing through books read over the course of my pregnancy. Jason said he didn't realize there was so much involved. He thought you just started pushing as soon as you got to the hospital. I can see why a guy would think this, with how movies portray birthing scenes and all.
My biggest thing is that I'm still on the fence about getting that epidural. Maybe not in all cases, but having an epidural can set off a cascade of events that ultimately lead to having a C-section. But the main thing that conerns me is being confined to bed. Narrow hips run in my family and I want every opportunity to open them up which means needing to move around and try different birthing positions. I'm really glad I took this class because I feel informed which will lead me to make decisions based on personal conviction, not just the general consensus.

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